The Bronze Age (Bell on Monhegan)


“Anyone might admire Schoodic Point, but they have not really seen it until they’ve viewed Diana Roper McDowell’s ‘Sunrise Over Schoodic and Catnip Island – Lamoine’ a brilliant and meticulous watercolor wash of yellows and creams contrasted against impregnable black woods and distant purple mountains”
Bar Harbor Times 


Worm Digger I


Hello! My name is Diana Roper McDowell and I am a watercolor artist from Lamoine, Maine. I paint the world around me…the boats, sailboats, wildlife, trees, birds, houses, barns and my neighborhood. My world includes Lamoine, Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park, and especially the conserved land in Maine.

To me, painting is the ability to take liberties with reality to express the feeling of a moment in time. Lines and shapes of color draw your attention into a painting. Once there, you realize there are no definitions, and your internal dialogue starts to shut down. You’ve slipped out of your world and to mine. Enjoy the ride.